Zeitgeist Vancouver

In Spring 2018, residents in a long-term care facility came together with a class of undergraduate communication design students at Emily Carr University, to co-design and co-write a mini publication series featuring resident stories. This project gives voice to residents, providing an opportunity for creative and emotional expression, stimulation of positive memories and the engagement of residents in a unique and meaningful activity. Simultaneously this project offers design students learning opportunities in storytelling, publication design, co-design and participatory design research.

Our goal through this research and design project is to explore what a local model and publication might look like here in Vancouver. In particular, we are interested in how this project might help to address some of the unmet needs of residents identified in the 2017 Residential Care Survey from the Office of the Seniors Advocate BC. These include the need to provide BC seniors with more opportunities to engage in meaningful activities, explore new skills/interests, connect with people to do activities with, and be asked for help and advice.

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